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Price List

Below you will find a list of our services and fees. All packages are

customizable to your event! Contact us today for a quote and availability!

Mini Greeting- $85
Includes Large Cake or Cupcake, Happy Birthday Centerpiece, Name and basic birthday flair
no age or theme included
Standard Greeting- $105

Happy Birthday Centerpiece/ Happy Anniversary Centerpiece / Happy Retirement Centerpiece

with Name, Age and up to 20 pieces of themed flair. 

Deluxe Greeting- $125

Individual lettering or Any Custom Sayings includes name, age & themed pieces. These are not normally done during the colder months but please check if you have request.

Baby Announcements are an automatic two day rental starting at   $130

Baby Arrivals are so unpredictable... We strongly recommended booking a tentative date to secure your inventory. We truly try our hardest to have the greeting up for their arrival home but there is always a possibility of us getting catch when we are not given enough notice. Hospitals releases are very hard to predict. We appreciate your understanding. 

Delivery fee may apply based on miles from our homebase in canton.
zone 1-up to 10 miles no fee
zone 2-11 to 15 miles
zone 3-16 to 20 miles
Mileage is to help offset the cost of gas. Please remember with every set up we have to make at least 4 trips.

Graduation New  2024 Pricing

Mini Package-$90
Standard Package-$110
Deluxe Package- $130

Congrats Grad Centerpiece (one piece) with Name, 10-12 pieces of flair. This can be set up indoors or outdoors. School colors based on availability.

Large Congrats, Name, 18-20 pieces

of flair. School colors based on availability.

Includes everything in Package 2 plus mini class of 2023 on the side. This is a very large set up please make sure you have the room for this. This can not be done on stands. School colors based on availability.

Don't know what to say? Just ask we can help

Additional Services and fees

Additional Phases 
Starting at $15
Additional Name / Flair
Starting at $10
Major Holiday Rental Fee
(if available)
Additional Rental Day
(based on availability)

All orders placed within 48hrs of event will be charged a rushed delivery fee.

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