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Rental Agreement

-For Safety reason,Yard Greetings will be installed between 7pm-10pm the evening before your requested date. Exact time will be determined by Yard-A-Gram staff.

-We will do our best to accommodate special requests if they are communicated to us before route is scheduled that evening.

-We will do our best to notify you with our arrival time.

-Greetings will be picked up approximately 24 hours later unless additional time has been purchased. See invoice for your pick time. Due to being extremely busy, exact time cannot be given so plan accordingly.

-Yard-A-Gram is not responsible for any damage to property. Any special care of property (sprinklers, utilities ect) need to be communicated to us prior to installing. 

-All special request on placement MUST be communicated before signs are installed. If signs are completed and a different location is needed Yard-A-Gram reserves the right to charge a fee. Moving/reinstallation is based on our availability. 

-Clients cannot make adjustments for insurance reasons.

-Backyard installs are not allowed per insurance.

-PLEASE do not move or rearrange greeting once its installed Including our LOGO sign.

-PLEASE do not attach anything to our signs including balloons and banners.

-PLEASE avoid mowing and whipping while our signs are installed. This will cause damage to our inventory. 

-If you have a lawn service please notify them. Allow a 48 hour window for us to install & pick up.

-If damage occurs to our signs while on your property or during your rental agreement time, There will be $20-$30 per piece charge. Clean may also apply. We understand that sometimes damage is uncontrollable and we will take that into consideration each time.

-Schools are subject to a $25 returnable deposit. If we pick up our signs and there is no damage or grass clippings, We will refund the fee.

-Homeowner/renter are responsible for any damage, theft, or vandalism done to the signs during the rental period.

-If inclement weather prevents us from installing we will reschedule to a later date this includes but not limited to below zero temperatures or higher winds over 20 mph. If customer chooses to cancel, they will receive a 50% refund.

-All cancellations must be made 48 hours PRIOR to your event date. Customers will receive a 50% refund or full amount credit for a future date if canceled before 48 hours. Any cancellations after 48 hours will not receive a refund or credit.

-No refund will be given if we cannot gain access to the property in a safe manner (gated access, loose animals).

-We are not responsible for incorrect addresses provided to us.

-By placing an order you agree to all terms.

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